I'm just curious about leather variations...


May 13, 2006
Kansas City
I've had a med black muse and an ivory yris that I've returned or sold due to the size. I just received my ivory large Muse from Nordies and it's interesting to me that the leather seems quite different. The ivory is much softer and not as shiney as the other two. The ivory also has a distinct smell....hopefully it will go away after a few days because I really don't care for it. I'm just curious about variations from season to season?? Any thoughts?


Aug 24, 2006
When I first looked at the muse (in gogreous oak color) I was worried about the leather scratching, but when I went back a few months later the large black Muse I ended up buying had much softer, more supple leather, and it certainly doesn't scratch (the oak one already had scratches on the leather from just being the display bag). I asked the SA and she said that the (newer?) Buffalo leather will never scratch.