I'm jumping on the bandwagon....!

  1. Okay so I'm jumping on the bandwagon so to speak. I'm definitely getting a blueberry spy.:yahoo:

    When? I don't know. :confused1: Which one? Regular or baby, I don't know. :confused1:

    But what I do know is that when I get it, and whichever size I get, I will have matching shoes!!! :wlae: I called up the Fendi boutique interstate and asked if they had the blueberry spy. I've been considering getting a cognac one but I've never like brown so I am better off getting something I like even though it costs more. There is nothing on Jomashop that I really like. And everything on netaporter, Saks etc that is full price I can get locally and at the same price.

    So later during the day I looked on the PF and looked at (more like drooled :drool: over) other member's shoes (yes Saich's and Lit's). I think I completely baptised my keyboard in saliva. (sorry that's gross!) So I called the store up again asking if they had the matching shoes. And the lovely lady I spoke to told me that were on sale!!!!! :yahoo: They had 1 pair left in my size up in Surfers Paradise and it's on hold for me. I just need to pay for it first thing in the morning.

    So why I'm posting is cos I have a few questions. Not being able to see the blueberry IRL, all I have to go on are the lovely photos which PF'ers have posted. I am confused about the colour; cinfused about how bright or dark it actually is. In some pics is looks more vibrant, which is what I thought it was, but then seeing Lit's modelling pic it looks very dark, which is what I am guessing it is. I've put some pics up and could I get some help as to what the most accurate representation of the colour is?
    (By the way if I have used your photo and you would like me to remove it please PM me and I will do so immediately.)

    I can't wait to get my new spy! (when ever I get it...) :nuts: Recommendations as to what size would be great. I'd love to get the regular but it's more than a grand more than the baby which is really what is holding me back. Whichever way I go I am sure that I will love it no matter what. :girlsigh:
  2. So here are the pics. I haven't included some which I found to be bright blue. That was caused by the flash. Which pic most accurately describes the colour? I've numbered them.
    pic1.jpg pic2.jpg pic3.jpg pic4.jpg pic5.jpg
  3. Here are a couple more. The shoes look much brighter in pic 6.
    pic6.JPG pic7.JPG
  4. Sorry for all the questions. So far I have only seen the matching blueberry spy heels. Did anyone have the flats? Doesn't help that I haven't seen them before. I am considering getting them seeing that they are on sale as well. Pics would be great. Thanks!
  5. I got my blueberry spy Saturday morning..it really is more beautiful than I expected. All the colors in the pictures confused me too. Here's a pic of Jessica Simpson with hers, and well..I haven't taken a pic of mine yet but it is darker than than the ones with flash..photos 1 and 2 are pretty accurate I suppose. As for the size, get the regular!! :yes:

    **oh and I think #6 is petrol?
  6. Thanks kneehighz, I am definitely leaning towards the regular sized one. So you're saying that in normal light the colour is colour to that of the stock photo I got off Saks? Is it as bright as the pic number 4? Or is that only in sunlight? I'm so confused... I would love to see a photo of yours by the way.
  7. With the heels another thing that is bothering me is that cos they come up to the ankle up the front will they be suitable with skinny leg jeans? I have a light gray pair of jeans that will looks so nice with the blueberry.

    I made the mistake of buying a pair of Gucci Britts and as hot as I think they are I can't wear them with jeans. They just look funny. Hence I hardly wear them (had them for more than a year, have only worn them no more than 5x). Has anyone tried on the heels with jeans? I reckon I might have a bit of a problem wearing jeans with those heels. I've attached a pic to let you know what I mean.

    (probably should have pulled the jeans down a bit more, they're not normally that short, ignore the PJ's on the other leg :p)
  8. That's right. It's Saich's. I was just comparing the blueberry heels next to it. :smile:
  9. My 2 cents: it looks different depending on the light. In darker light it shows up more navy, and in bright sunlight it will look more jewel-tone and purple, like in this photo.

    Oh, and I think you should get the full-size. And I have never seen spy flats.
    2.jpg 3.jpg
  10. The lady at the boutique in Sydney said she had them. i'll try and get her to send a pic. She said they were open at the back. A more casual shoe. I'll post a pic if I get it.
  11. The fendi spy is a very nice bag.
  12. If you look at the Blueberry in natural light its dark navy blue, but if you put the bag under "home" lighting their are purple undertones. The Blueberry is darker than the Petrol. Its a lovely colour and I am sure you will love your new spy and shoes.
  13. Thanks, from the sound of it I am really liking how it 'changes' colour. I was contemplating the cognac, but I did a search of the forum and found that they blush badly, esp the older ones. I had intended to buy one from Jomashop and was very limited in choice. I'm glad I decided to go with the blueberry. All I have to do now is decide on which shoes.

    Heels? Flats? Both? Probably not the last one. :p Oh well I'm going to bed and when I wake up I have to decide. Probably go with the heels. Doesn't help that I have a pic of them with the spy on my desktop. So pretty... :girlsigh:

    I just hope that one day I have a collection as nice as you ladies...
  14. K - I have no doubt you are starting what will soon to be continued repeatedly spy collection! :graucho:

    Here is a thread that came out a while ago that has some great picks of the color changes in Blueberry. Thought you would find it of interest:


    Blueberry is a good choice, totally would like that bag :tup:.
  15. The color seems to be different when indoor and outdoor.