I'm itching for a sling bag, tempted to sell my purse.

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  1. I own a black lambskin Chanel flap over purse which is my pride and enjoy. (One time extravagant expense.) I also have a Coach sling bag that was given to me as a gift and I love it (the functionality, not so much the design.) I love having my hands free. Wasn't sure if Chanel made sling bags so I searched online and some used ones have popped up. Even used, they are in the high hundreds. I'm so tempted to sell my existing Chanel bag however I definitely could not replace it should I feel I made a bad choice.

    Hm, what to do what to do.
  2. i would say save up for a new chanel :smile:
  3. Don't sell your flap. You will regret it since it's your pride and joy. Save money and there are plenty of sling bags to choose from.
  4. i concur with the above statements. =) Also, you should be able to wear your flap on your shoulder and use it as hands-free too right?
  5. ^ITA Don't sell your pride and joy!
  6. Don't sell, you will regret it - save - new bags will always turn up.
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    I'll buy used too but havent' come across a sling chanel yet.
  8. Do you mean a backpack?
  9. You could get the wallet on a chain at around $1,575. That is the only bag I could think of to be worn messenger style (besides the classic Jumbo) :smile:
  10. No, a smaller bag that I can sling sideways. I've actually never been a fan of those however a friend bought me a Coach one. I decided to use it on a trip and loved having my hands free (and not have the shoulder falling all the time, I seem to have those types of shoulders.)

    I don't know what Chanel has to offer just yet but I'm looking into it.
  11. what's a sling bag? a bag that can be worn messenger style?? first of all, i would not recommend selling your one and only chanel if it is truly your fave...unless you are able to find the perfect bag that you are looking for! if you are looking for a messenger style bag, there is always the classic jumbo which can be worn on the shoulder or across the body messenger style. it's a pricey purchase, though, so if you are looking to save money i would continue to look on ebay or other reliable secondhand resellers. there are beautiful vintage jumbos for sale that are at least 50% less than buying a new bag. then again, if you want to really treat yourself, go and buy a new one to cherish and love!
  12. Okay, I know them as crossbody bags. I'm looking for the same types of bags too. The ones I already have are from a sporting goods store and very plain.

    I have my Chanel flap but the chain is not adjustable so I cannot wear it cross body... can you do that with the chain on your flap? If not, maybe you can consider getting one with the adjustable longer chain...
  13. how about the mini ?