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  1. Okie, I just found out today (cuz I don't check the mail haha) that I'm INVITED! This is my 1st invitation to Louis Vuitton's private cocktail party or some holiday event.... I know it's not a big news, and I've already seen a few threads about how some of you have also been invited...but please, bear with me for i'm just a lil giddy 19 yr old girl who's quite happy at the moment! woohoo! yup... and if any of you would like to check it out in Montreal it's on Nov 29, 6:30-8:30pm.

    HOWEVER, i'm NOT going to go cuz
    (1) it's a horrible day, I finish school at 5:30pm and ...
    (2) will NEVER have the time to go home, come back, dress-up, put on my face...etc all within one hour.
    (3) I need TO CONCENTRATE ON SCHOOOOOL!!! finals are coming up (and some of you probably know i'm really hardcore when it comes to academics).

    So... I will not be going and there will always be the future! *sigh*

    PS: I got the catalogue too, and the mailman tore my envelop....ARRGHHHH!
  2. Too bad you can't go but you obviously know where your priorities are - good for you!

    There will be another...
  3. ohhhh:sad: :sad: ..only sigh?? Your parents must be so proud of you....
    I am sure you won;t miss next event..good luck with your exam..
  4. I know what you mean. It's just too hard to get there by 6 in the area that I'm in. Hopefully I'll get invited to the next one even though I'm not able to come to this one.
  5. It's so nice just to be invited! :flowers: Sorry you can not go, but you have your priorities in order....good for you!:yes:
  6. we're all proud of u!!
  7. you are one helluva gal at 19 to realize what it truly important! kudos to you! there will always be these kinds of events but school (hopefully) is only once in a lifetime! you are really going to succeed at anything your heart desires with a mature attitude like this...
  8. :flowers: sometimes it is the thought that counts! Congrats on your first invite and good luck with school.
  9. Congrats on being focused and knowing your priorities! :smile: There will be many more opportunities to attend these events. But how exciting to be invited! AND the holiday catalogue too! :wlae:
  10. aww too bad you can't go...
    but at least it feels great knowing you got invited!! there's plenty of other opportunities!
  11. Thank you everyone for all your kind support and encouragement! *Must conjure up STRONG WILL to fight against LV's temptation!!!* lol
  12. I agree with everyone else, it's the THOUGHT that counts, and your priorities are definately in order. I almost couldn't go b/c of babysitting issues but I knew that being invited was grin-worthy enough. :smile:
  13. good for you! yay for being invited, but you're right, gotta rock the school first...
  14. Always nice to be invited, even if you don't go ;)