I'm interested in a chihuahua and/or yorkie...

  1. I can't seem to make a decision! If you have one of them and could post pictures and how you like them, that would be great! :smile:
  2. Here is my long hair Chi.


    My Chi with my bosses Chi in a doggy stroller.

  3. Here is another one

  4. Don't forget to check the Chihuahua & Yorkie rescue groups in your area, also petfinder.com is also a great resource.
    I know here in CA they were inundated with puppies last year after various puppy mill raids.
  5. I have two chi's and they are the best dogs ever. They have two different personalities and they keep me and the hubby on our toes. The blonde one (girl) is almost 2 1/2 and the boy is almost a year old. The one with them in back seat was after a walk and I put them in the car and ran inside to grab their carrier and when I came back my dh showed me this picture (Don't worry I put them in a carrier when we are driving for their safety). I love them :love::love:
    Tand P.jpg sleepy.jpg sleepy2.jpg aww.jpg
  6. Chi's have the greatest, most unique and flamboyant personalities!! I'm so happy I decided to get my babies! They are filled with endless amounts of love, in fact they are the most loving dog I've ever encountered. They have literally become my children, lol. Mine are Faye (the white one) and Eclair (the tan one); Faye is from a breeder, and Eclair was a rescue off of PetFinder.org. Faye is the strong-willed one, the first child, so she rules the house, and Eclair is the goofball that prances around the house like she doesn't know how to use those long legs of hers :p
    n45500142_30339326_2590.jpg n45500142_30148413_6594.jpg n45500142_30395225_2297.jpg n45500142_30699408_2688.jpg
  7. Whoops, PetFinder.com, sorry about that!
  8. Chi's are the best dogs. Mine is VERY mellow. He never barks. He is a VERY spoiled baby. He goes with me everywhere. I am lucky I get to take him with me to work everyday. So needless to say we have a very close bond since he is always with me.

    We found him when he was just 2 months old. Someone just left him on the doorsteps of the animal hospital my husband works at.

    I had a friend from out of town that did not like dogs and he came and stayed with me for a few days and he went home and got a chi the next day and his brother went out and got 2 chi's all because they saw how great they are.
  9. Get a Chihuahua for sure! lol Here are my cute little buggers...
    cutieeyes.jpg beautifulangelmaya.jpg

  10. ITA!!!:yes:
  11. Awww... everyone has such cute doggies!!