I'm insane

  1. Ok. It's official. I am insane. As you all know, I got my baggy pm Saturday just in time for Mother's Day. Well....fast forward 3 days and I am not so sure about it anymore!!!:confused1: It's just not fitting my stuff all too well - not as roomy as I thought it was going to be. This morning I went to throw some stuff in it for the day and it didn't fit. :crybaby: For the kind of money I spent on it I want to LOVE it and use it every day! Anyway....I called my DH and he said to return it and that we could go out in the next week or two and go in there in person to get something (I am thinking denim speedy - I am sure it would fit more?) He also said he was disappointed that we didn't do that in the first place because he likes going to the boutique and buying it in person and seeing me have fun with the whole experience. Sigh. :shrugs:

    Anyway...sorry for the long rant. I will let you know what I end up getting when we go. I am hoping it's easy to make a return to elux. :rolleyes:
  2. I totally know what you mean. I have the Baggy PM and can't fit my things in it, too. She sits mostly only around. I say return it for something you can use more.
  3. Sorry to hear you're not loving your baggy pm. The denim speedy will hold more then the baggy pm. Perhaps you'd like to get the baggy gm if you're looking for a shoulder bag.
  4. you'd be more insane to keep something that would not work for you :yes: better now than later ;)
  5. Wow, my denim baggy PM is my favorite bag right now. I can fit my essentials (wallet, makeup bag, keys) but no more than that. But I love how it fits on my shoulder, it is so comfortable.

    Maybe you should get the denim speedy though, it seems like that's what you wanted in the first place. Good luck!
  6. I will change to baggy GM (the second denim bag that I like hehe)
  7. You can't help it not being practical for you to use, so you are not insane! I just went through that with the Bbag I just bought, but unfortunately I can't return it!
  8. Hmm I found it to work well... as shown in the pic and still had room..
    but whatever works for you.. maybe try the GM :smile:
    baggy pm.jpg
  9. ADORE the denim speedy. You were such a good girl waiting so long for that bag... get something you love and adore!
  10. No worries about eluxury and returning the bag. Sorry to hear that it did not work for you. I would say try the denim speedy or the baggy gm if you really want something in denim. There's always MC, I know you were looking at the priscilla, if you want a shoulder bag I recommend the MC petite noe. I have a black one and it's great- it fits a ton and comfy on your shoulder. Have fun at LV trying out all the different bags.
  11. ahh im sorry that you are not in love with it! But yeh you have to exchange it for something else! I say speedy! xx
  12. You will LOVE the Speedy if you decide to get it. I am used to using a mono 30 so the denim speedy is definitely an adjustment but still fits a TON!

    Like others have said there is always the Baggy GM if you want to sick with the same style but are just looking for more space.
  13. If you don't like it i think you should return it and get a new bag.
  14. why don't you exchange it for the baggy GM, I have it and love it. holds everything I need and more.
  15. That's okay. It's totally up to you, but going to the boutique is fun. Hope you find a bag!:p