I'm in York & I Feel a Purchase Coming On!

  1. I'm on my first visit ever to York and you can imagine my excitement that there's an outlet here. I need a coin purse and perhaps a make-up bag. My other half thinks I'm bonkers but I've never experienced an outlet. Hopefully there's some bargains to be had. :biggrin:

    Anyone on at the moment with any suggestions of 'must do's' when here? I have till Friday so all suggestions welcome as I can't spend all day looking at Mulberry!
  2. Hi, I live in York and I think it is fab! The Mulberry there is great but I haven't seen any make up bags in there for ages, but they have big zipped pouches a lot which would work.

    While you are here you must go to Betty's cafe for afternoon tea, their chips are also amazing!

    Fenwicks is good and has a great M selection

    The designer outlet is great and there is a bus from outside the York Dungeons that goes there, there are not any premier designers really but some nice shops, lk bennett, hobbs swarovski, Joules and similar.

    The York Chocolate Story is no good, overpriced for a short tour but the Castle Museum is really good and has a mock up of an old victorian street inside and has the actual old jails that housed Dick Turpin et al.

    The York Dungeons is also really good and there are plenty of Ghost Walks, I recommend that one that leaves from the Golden fleece each night.

    There is a fab cafe opposite mcdonalds called the coco house which is chocolate heaven, ahs the worlds best hot chocolates and chocolate afternoon tea

    There are little red boats on the river that you can hire out for cheap and explore the Ouse.

    Oscars is one of the best places to go in the city to eat for comfort food, they do a lot of meat, burgers etc or the Star Inn the City by the river for something a bit fancier
  3. Sorry for the essay, any questions just ask!
  4. That is so kind! Thanks so much for your reply. I'm currently in a pubs beer garden but will certainly try some of your suggestions. You're so lucky living in a stunning place like this! x
  5. Literally just popped in 10 mins before closing - I'm also down from Scotland how random!! What did you think of the outlet. There was a lot of snake and croc in today and I'm a little scared if the texture curling. I'm enjoying some sushi in Yo now before heading on.

    Going to try and visit Bicester tomorrow
  6. I'm in another bar near the Shambles. Mulberry and boat trip tomorrow. :smile:
  7. Dividing the trip between the M outlet, cafés and bars/beer gardens sounds pretty good to me... :cool:
  8. Just bought bayswater satchel from there :graucho: they do have really wide range of different bags!
  9. Has anyone updated the stock update thread? Would be good to know what purses they have please?

    Happy shopping!
  10. Do we have a reveal coming soon?
  11. I was sorely tempted by the purple Alexa and the Dorsets - they had some fab stuff but I'm going to wait and see what Bicester holds. I'm doing a tour this week it seems. I was in Aberdeen on Monday but kafka was closed :sad:
  12. soon enough :rolleyes: been so busy with work that haven't had time to even come here... bought another bag recently too, so there will be two reveals at some point ;)
  13. There's some beautiful bags in there. I almost bought the flame East West Bays..
  14. Me too!! There were some gorgeous bags. Was also tempted by the pistachio bays and but I just worried it's too light for my slapdash nature. Seriously tempted by the petrol silky snake too but the sales assistant was very honest on its wear and I decided to wait to get something that was more practical.

    Will you go back before you leave?
  15. I may pop in. Was supposed to visit Harrowgate but the brakes failed on the car so back in York town Centre. Ate in Oxo last night. It really is fabulous and well deserving of its number 1 spot on Tripadvisor.