I'm In The Mood For A New Bbag! Which One Would You Get? Ideas Please!!!

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  1. I am sitting here thinking that an arrival of a new Bbag would make me feel better in this chilly weather that I am in. I would feel all toasty inside for the Fedex guy to bring me a nice Bbag package! But what to get is the question :girlsigh:!

    So, if you were going to order a new Bbag, AND IT COULD BE ANY B-BAG THAT IS CURRENTLY IN PRODUCTION (regardless of price), what would it be?! So I guess it could be like your "wishlist" or "dream bag". I need some ideas :idea: please! I want to know what YOU would order! I plan on ordering today!:yahoo:
  2. Violet city w/rh! No question! I have this bag and love it so much. I read in anther thread that BalNY has some in stock. :smile:
  3. THANKS! Whatever I end up getting, I am going to place an order within the next 3 hours! That is the cut off time for over night delivery! I can't wait days to receive my bags...................Keep the fresh ideas coming!
  4. What do you have in your collection? I want to buy a new bag too but I cannot decide what!!!!!!!!! This is a fun thread!!!!
  5. What bags do you have and are you looking for a neutral or a pop of color?
  6. Z & P,

    I have:

    JAUNE SGH WORK (though selling this one)
    TRUFFLE GGH CITY (just sold it)

    I just sold a few and now feel empty! I want something that is a little of everything! Something that POPS, but is also neutral! I want a WOW bag! I know it is almost impossible to pick! My brain is spinning :nuts:
  7. I think you need something red. What about a SGH tomato PT or City?
  8. Pine Work w/SGH!
  9. Still voting purple here (look at your font!) so how about violet city w/ sgh?
  10. AHERTZ.....That sounds yummy.....ohhhhhh!

    SAMMYDOLL...................My mouth watered at the thought of this combo! This is at the top of my list now! Can anything beat it??!

  11. Ha Ha! You are good! I was wondering if anyone would point that out! Though I had a violet once and sold it because I don't feel that it goes with my hair and coloring. BUT I love the color. I really do. Violet and Pine are both sounding soooo good right now!
  12. Not neutral but tomato with GSH is gorgeous, or maybe Violet. I also adore the Sienna City with regular hardware. It pops yet is still neutral and the leather on all of the Sienna's I have seen is fabulous. We have similar hair color and eggplant is the only purple bag that looks good on me. I loved my lilac but it looked horrible. I have the Violet money wallet but not sure if I could pull it off in a bag. As for my wish list the only one that I am seriously considering getting right now is Sienna.
  13. mmmm I would go for a Mogano City :love:
  14. Pine is gorgeous, but be careful of the zipper tape color. This is the only reason I don't own a pine city - I think the zipper tape clashes on alot of the bags - the tape is more of a teal-ish color. I haven't seen one IRL that did match. If I had, it would be mine!
  15. I would never get a Pine for exactly that reason. It clashes.
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