I'm in the Money (oh oh)

  1. So after much thought and pondering, I've decided to leave my Passion Parties business behind. I carried inventory which can be bought back by the company when you leave...

    I figured it out, I will be getting over a thousand dollars in one fell swoop!!! You know what this means?

    Uh huh. Baby's goin' SHOPPIN! Does anyone know if Coach has Legacy shoulders in natural or brown in stock still? Hee....*squeeeeeee!*
  2. You can call around, they are off the website but I believe Macy's has the legacy shoulder in brown. Good luck and congrats.
  3. Nope, Macy's only has it in white now :sad: But they do have the Ali....not my "dream" bag though.
  4. That's when Im going shopping. I should be getting a pretty big check from land inheritance selling! Woot!

    New Coaches for me!
  5. Yea well, even though I bought all this stuff with my money I'm being a responsible girl FIRST and paying off my back heating bill, lol. THEN onto the shopping....

  6. macy's in warwick, RI had ONE legacy shoulder in brown..!
  7. Our Macy just got Legacy in last week. You may want to re-check your Macy's stores not just the website.