I'm in the Koala Club! YAY!

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  1. Merry Christmas everyone!!! I'm the proud new owner of a Koala wallet that my sweet boyfriend got me for Christmas!!! Ever since I got my Damier speedy I've been wanting this matching wallet....they sure do look great together!! Hope Santa was good to you all!!

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  2. what a thoughtful gift from your bf! wear it well :yes:
  3. Congrats on the new wallet - your bf is so sweet! Enjoy!!!
  4. It is beautiful and matches perfectly-love the red lining of your wallet!
  5. Wow, that's so beautiful! Congrats on your new wallet! Merry Christmas!
  6. Love your wallet.. Enjoy and Merry Christmas Antonia:flowers:
  7. wow, looks gorgeous! congrats! and merry xmas!
  8. Its a gorgeous wallet!!! Congrats and it matches with your speedy wonderfully! :biggrin: Merry Christmas! :yes:
  9. its gorgeaus, the koala wallet is a beautiful style! congrats

  10. It's beautiful! Merry Christmas!
  11. Love, your Koala, Antonia!:love: What a thoughtful bf! Enjoy it in good health!:flowers:

  12. Awesome wallet, love the red. Congrats and merry christmas!
  13. Congrats. It's gorgeous.
  14. Congrats! It matches beautifully!
  15. Beautiful! Congrats!