I'm in the Day Club! '05 Black Day

  1. I've now bought three of my Bbags from a woman my dad knows from golf. She's great - she has a beautiful collection, but doesn't like to deal with selling bags on eBay after a few bad experiences, so mostly just sells them to friends. Anyway, I bought my black City from her very cheaply because it was very faded and thin, and it's gotten a lot of use, but it's time to retire it. I think I'll keep it around because I have the room and doubt I'd get any real money for it and someday I might want to carry a Bbag I don't care about as much... but I did want to replace it with another black bag.

    So I bought her '05 Day! :yahoo: I told her almost a year ago when I first saw her wear it that if she ever wanted to sell that one to sell it to me, and she finally decided to get something brighter, so it's mine! The leather is so beautiful, it's very evenly distressed and quite thick, and she only used it a handful of times since she bought it two years ago, so it's still shiny. I know you can't really tell from my pictures, but this is probably the best leather on any of my Balenciagas.

    The Day size and shape is so nice and versitile; it fits loads but doesn't look bulky, and even though I'm only 4'11" it doesn't look huge on me. Plus, it's so edgy and rocker-chic!

  2. Beautiful!:heart:Congrats!:yes:
  3. Gorgeous! Love it.
  4. :yes: Gorgeous Bag! I absolutely love the day!
  5. Wow! Congratulations! I have that exact same bag, but yours is in much newer condition. I rarely use it because I don't carry black bags very often, but I haven't the heart to sell it because, like you said, its so edgy and cool and rocker chick, I can't bear to part with it.
  6. Yay congrats!!! Black Day is perfect rocker chic. Modeling pics, please :yes:
  7. :yahoo:Congrats on a gorgeous bag!!
  8. Great bag! I just love the day style and the black is classic! CONGRATS!!
  9. NIce bag...in fact, i recently bought a sky blue day bag locally for a great deal....it's lovely as well like yours.....:love: :love:
  10. Love it!! Model it for us! :smile:
  11. Yay! Yes, modelling pics please!
  12. YEAY!!! Welcome to the Day Club, cheshire! I love your Black Day. Would definitely like to see modelling pics...

    What other bags does this woman own that I might be interested in? :graucho:
  13. Echo over here for modelling pics! We love our modelling pics:p
    I can totally tell how nice the leather is on that one- what a steal!
  14. Congrats!! I'm in love with my Black 05 Day as well... it's sitting right next to me in the office, actually!!! I've put a black boobie on it as well :smile:
  15. very nice! congrats!