I'm in the chloe club!!

  1. So, I just got my first Chloe- a betty tote and its soooo nice! I bought it from Bergdorfgoodman.com so I know it must be authentic but the first thing i looked at was the back of the zippers (since I read all about OTHER designers having specific zippers- like RIRI or Lampo) and there is nothing- they're blank- so I just wanted to make sure that that's the way they're supposed to be since I'm sure this is a return and you never know! I'm sure it's ok but I figured- why not ask the experts? But I love it and its soooo soft!! Chloe's leather has always been my favorite and now I own one!!! Everyone close to me thinks I'm crazy for being so excited about a bag- but at least I can write it here and feel totally normal! YAY!!!
  2. welcome to the club!
  3. woo hoo - cant wait to see the pics

  4. thank you- can anyone reasure me that the back of the zippers are supposed to be blank? Thanks!!
  5. Yes, the back of the zippers are blank. The side of my main zipper hardware (not the pull, but the actualy metal piece holding the zipper pull to the zipper) had YKK etched into it.

  6. Congratulations abd Welcome!!!!

  7. Congrats on your new purchase - there is no turning back now!:graucho:

    Welcome to the forum, and to the Chloe addiction club!:nuts:
  8. Congrats on your Betty alre309! Welcome to the Chloe craze!! The leather and hardware, the craftsmanship, the STYLE. . . .Chloe is so hot for sure!
  9. Congratulations! You should know that since you now own a Chloé, this will not be your last one!
  10. Welcome aboard! We are not only addicted to purses here but also to endlessly dissecting every aspect of them. And get those pics posted!
  11. :yahoo: Nice to have you on board ;)

    It's always good to have a chloé :graucho: ...or two...or three...:p
  12. Congrats! Show us pics! Please? :nuts:

    Welcome to the club! The more the merrier!
  13. Congrats! & Welcome to the club :biggrin: would love to see pics ^^
  14. Yeah!! Congratulations! :yahoo: Looking forward to the pics. Chloe is addicting btw.
  15. Congrats and welcome to The Addiction!! :graucho: