I'm in tears!! USPS says my package was delivered; I never received it

  1. I can't believe this is happening! The seller shipped the item on Saturday (we live in the same state) and it was marked as delivered at 6:54am by USPS. A few things:

    1. I've been tracking the package since Saturday and when I checked at 1pm today it was the first time it showed as "delivered at 6:54am" When I checked the site at 8am there was no updated info.

    2. It says the package arrived at the post office at 6:53am in one zip code and then was delivered at 6:54am one minute later to my zip code which is not in the same area of course. When I called USPS they said that was odd too. I'm hoping it is still at the post office and they just scanned it incorrectly.

    3. Because she used delivery confirmation and not real tracking, they can't even tell me where they supposedly left my package!

    I ordered from bonanza and I just assumed the seller would require a signature. I'm waiting to hear back from USPS. What happens? I've never had this occur before. Do I file a claim with USPS or Paypal if I don't receive it? I feel so bad because she was so nice sending me pics over and over so that I could get the bag authenticated. Will she get reimbursed too? I don't want her to be out the $$ and the bag. I work at a college so no one was even around at 6:54am, the bldgs. are locked until 7am!!

    WHY, WHY didn't she require a signature? I shouldn't have assumed, I should have specifically requested it. :sad:
  2. Since that delivery is a physical impossibility in more ways than one, it's obvious the PO made an error. Keep on them religiously.

    I wouldn't do anything now except notify the seller of the problem and obviously incorrect PO scanning data. Give the PO time to locate the package before you file INR.
  3. Thanks! I definitely plan to wait because I really don't want to make a hassle for the seller. I'm trying to locate a central delivery portal for the campus that might have been open at 6:54am, because my office wasn't!
  4. I wouldn't panic yet. I would give it until tomorrow. The PO usually does their updates at night so that will give it time to correct any mistake. I have had packages show up before as delivered when they were still at the PO or on the truck or out for delivery.
  5. Sorry this happened to you , hope everything works out & you get your bag .
  6. Thanks! I'm a bit of a drama queen. Ok, I'm a BIG drama queen. It was delivered to the central receiving office on campus and I just picked it up! Thanks everyone. :yahoo:

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  7. I'm so glad you got your parcel, what a relief for you!
  8. Glad everything is ok.

    If the item was under $250 including shipping the seller isn't required to use SC. If you want it and are willing to pay the difference by all means let the seller know your delivery situation and ask them to upgrade to SC. When shopping w/online retailers I always choose USPS as my carrier even if it is more $$$$ than standard ground , which usually means UPS, simply for the peace of mind. We have locked mail/parcel boxes here. UPS has been known to just leave parcels out in plain sight if no one is around to accept delivery.
  9. Whew!!! So glad you got it!! :yahoo:
  10. Thanks everyone!! I didn't know about the extra cost for signature confirmation on items under $250.
  11. Simple DC is .70 for Priority. SC is $2.35 no matter what the amount of the item. Those aren't online prices, but since I don't have a printer I go with what I know--LOL.
  12. I have not used DC in a while, but I think online prices are .19 for DC and 1.95 for SC.
  13. Paypal requires sellers use signature confirmation on items over $250 to qualify for seller protection. Under $250 they only need delivery confirmation to prove delivery to PP in the event of an Item Not Recieved claim.
  14. If you are on a campus, the mail room signs for all the mail and stuff when they pick it up. If not, you would have received a card in your campus mail. Then you would have had to get it.
  15. Glad you got it!! I understand how horrible you must have felt before!!