I'm in so much trouble!

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  1. So, after seeing this thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/coach/turquoise-patent-leather-legacy-shoulder-bag-pics-269420.html
    I became obsessed with wanting this bag! Well, I went to the boutique yesterday to look at the new Soho stuff...and ended up ordering the turquoise patent shoulder bag! It should be here next Wednesday or so. I am so excited! But I really wasn't planning on spending that much on a bag. I know I can return it once I get it, but I know I won't want to because I LOVE IT!!! My birthday is next week, so I guess it can be my "happy birthday to me" present. :party: But I still feel a little guilty about it. I know my hubby isn't going to be too happy with me. :s

    Oh, and is this a limited edition item? The SA at the store said he thought it was, but he wasn't sure. Does anyone know?
  2. That bag is TDF. I keep going to look at the pic to just :drool:
  3. CONGRATS! I understand, that bag is GORGEOUS I love the color!
  4. I so wish I could see this color IRL. I like the patent Gigi in this color, but all of the pics I've seen made it look lighter than those shoulder bag pics in that thread. arrrgh.
  5. WOOT WOOT:woohoo:
  6. heqet~
    I somehow missed seeing that thread...wow, very cute!!!
    Happy Birthday!!!
  7. Best kind of trouble to be in! Very cute bag!
  8. Thanks everyone! I will definitely post pics once I receive it! I can't wait!!!
  9. these girls really know how to make you spend money lol...but if it is something you want and will use then there's nothing wrong...can't wait to see it...tangent here, I live in austin too, what boutique did you go to? just curious
  10. the color is too gorgeous..*closes eyes & walks away*
  11. It's a beautiful bag and if you love it, it's worth every penny!
  12. I love this bag too! Congrats and happy early birthday!
  13. YAY!!!! Congrats
  14. I usually go to the Domain boutique, and have always had excellent service there. I went to the one in the Arboretum this time, since I hadn't been in a while. I forgot how small it was! But once again, I got the best of service from all 3 of the SA's that were there!
  15. Very nice color, I can't wait to see modeling pictures. Congrats!!!!!