I'm in shock. I just got the best deal ever. You have to see this.

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  1. My grail scarf. Red colourway, vibrant and stunning. $130 BIN. I'm not even kidding. Seller was e-mailed, care tag still attached, lots of pics, guaranteed authentic or my money back, and she has 1200+ positive feedbacks on highend items (IE Louboutins, Chanel). She had the pictures locked so I had to take screenshots and be all crafty to get these. I am absolutely in shock. This was a buy-now-think-later sort of thing. I'm just like...

    :wtf: :yahoo: :weird: :party:

    Thank you, Guccigal, for sending me the link. It was so unselfish of you; you're amazing. :heart:

    Will post pics when it comes in!
    hermesshootingstar1[1].jpg hermesshootingstar2[1].jpg hermesshootingstar3[1].jpg
  2. what a great colorway. its stunning!!!

    que ganga!!! (what a deal in Spanish)
  3. I can't stop looking at it...that red in there is so stunning!
  4. ooh grail scarf!!!!! congrats.

    Hey, how's burn kitty doing????
  5. Congrats RBB! I love it when that happens, and that was very sweet of GG to direct you to the link! The colors are indeed gorgeous!
  6. GG you are the BEST!!! and love this colorway ... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
  7. Congrats!! you must be thrilled!
  8. Wow! Please post some modeling pics when it arrives, can't wait to see it in action!
  9. I AM FREAKING OUT! Screaming and jumping around the room. SO thinks I have LOST MY MIND. OMG!!!!

    *shrieks and hugs GG* She is so unselfish. She wanted it but she knew it was my grail. The seller had another H scarf available for the same price, too! It's like she doesn't know... I don't know. Wow.

    HC, Burn Kitty is big, fat, lazy and happy! Her scar is still there but you are so overwhelmed by her loving on you, you don't even notice it! :heart: And she and the new wolf-dog are getting along great.
  10. Congrats! The colorway is fab.

    GG is such a sweetie.
  11. I mean, $130 for an H scarf in that great condition is UNHEARD OF! I'm just :wtf:
  12. WOOHOOO!!!!! I LOVE it when this kind of thing happens!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, RAZOR!!!!! Wear it in good health!!!!
  13. now, lets hope a Texas Wildlife scarf shows up for $130 HAHAHA yeah right. YEAH RIGHT. okay. cocktails please.
  14. Congrats RBB!
    So sweet of GG!!!
  15. Congrats!