I'm in Paris- what to buy...?

  1. Hi,

    as all of you are so much more of an expert as I am I need you advice

    I'm in Paris for a few days.. is there anything special I can only get over here?

    Just curious- the store is huge and just around the corner..

  2. Last December, I went to the flagship store and saw those speedy keychains in leather that said Champs-Elysee 2005. I thought they were stupid but yesterday I saw Karen's site, 500 bux!!!! They were only 125 euros or something. If there's anything store-specific, I would definitely get some of those. Have fun, Enjoy the sights!
  3. good idea- I'll look for something like this- Thanks
  4. Groom items, they're limited edition and another poster mentioned certain pieces selling like hotcakes (the rond cles for instance). :yes:
  5. by the way,, are LV bags cheaper there? i've heard its cheaper over there thats why people go all the way to France to purchase LV bags... and that there is a limited amount of pieces u can buy - is that true? :confused1:
  6. well it is slightly cheaper...
    its not that there is a lmited number but if its an exclusive item like the groom you can only buy 2 peices of each thing.. like 2 cles's 2 agendas etc.

    BUT DEFINATLY get the groom i was in the Champs LV today and they are almost out of stock.
  7. I think you only safe money if it's tax free which is not the case for me
    I've seen the wallet I bought in Berlin a few days ago for 10 euros less- so LV is not the only reason to see Paris- but the store is worth a visit ;)

    I heard from collegues that for some tourist coming from Japan for example it's limited because it is really cheaper for them here
    They don't want them to re-sell them in Japan and create a 2nd market for LV- at least that's what I got told.. and one of the girls is a real Vuitton expert..
    I will look for the groom- may go to the store tomorrow
  8. Bonjour!! I would definitely get something from the Groom collection. Have a fabulous time!!