I'm in Paris..should I?

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  1. I am thinking of getting a new LV, I prefer the damier ebene to monogram. I am torn between the azur galleria the damier neverfull and the hampstead.

    Should I get one in Paris, it's cheaper than at home in the UK..uming and ahing. :thinking:
  2. If your in Paris absolutely get yourself a LV!
    I love the hampstead personally, its a beautiful bag.
    Enjoy yourself :smile:
  3. Most certainly YES! What better remembrance could you have? Of your three choices I would vote azur galleria.
  4. A B S O L U T E L Y !! :yes::nuts::yes:
  5. YES! You should go for it ()! NF Damier Ebene or Azur? Winter is coming... :confused1: go for an ebene nf... Being in Paris and not buying a LV... is crime... if you ask me. :P
  6. You are in PARIS! The home of LV! I say DO IT!
  7. ...

    Have you bought something yet??! :graucho:
  8. Yes! Hampstead.
  9. Yes get something while in Paris~ Those are all beautiful choices - so let us know what you get
  10. agree
  11. Buy a bag in Paris! No matter which one it is an amazing experience!
  12. Galliera
  13. yes definitely get a bag! among the 3, i'd choose the hampstead.
  14. Hampstead too! But let us know how the actual stock situation is, we need to know first hand!
  15. def get at least one in Paris.. I just got my hampstead last week and I :heart: it! so I vote for hampstead! :smile: good luck!!