I'm in overwhelm......

  1. Well Ladies......I need a little assistance.

    Here's the thing. I'm feeling overwhelmed by my scarves. I've got a few. And now that the new Fall issues are beginning to arrive in the stores, I feel a real need to PURGE!!!!! I mean, how many black scarves do I really need?!?!?!?! What about all the blue?!?!?!?!? And let's not even talk about the white ones......WHITE!!!!!

    For God's sake.

    So, I think I'd like to narrow down my choices within each color catagory. I'd like to be a little "French" that way. I'd like to streamline getting dressed in the morning and when I spend more time peering into the scarf drawer than into my closet to choose a pair of shoes, there's something really wrong.

    I'm going to post a few pictures and I'd love to hear your opinions about which to keep.

    But gotta have a martini before I start though so give me a few minutes.......
  2. lol D....waiting here!
  3. Do! I love to see scarves...
  4. waiting waiting.

    maybe we should have a scarf exchange. I am feeling overwhelmed too.

    will try to help ya though!
  5. LOL!! Bring on the eye candy D!!!!
  6. Shopmom - Will WE NEED a glass of martini or a glass of wine when we see pictures?:nuts:

    Being PATIENT is VERY overwhelming for me!! :nuts::heart:
  7. Love to help. Remember to let us know if you're a little more tan in summer, or if you stay completely out of the sun and always SPF like crazy...

    I LOVE white scarves in summer... fresh, clean, and crisp. :heart:
  8. I cannot wait for this! Especially because I love black scarves, blue scarves, and white scarves. Not to mention red and pink.
  9. Ok........Here are some black scarves. These are just the ones in question....

    Jardin's Andalouise, Chemins de Garrigue, Pavement, Les Parisiennes, Sous le Cedre.
  10. Oiy vey......Now that I see them like this I think I have to keep Pavement and Andalouise.....love Pomegranets and mosaics....................
  11. I call first dibs on any mosaics you don't want!

    They're all gorgeous though. I suppose you could part with the one in the upper right corner though.
  12. OMG!! I can say right off the bat that you need to keep the Pavements (although I know of someone that could give it a seriously loving home if need be :graucho:)
  13. And maybe the upper left corner too. It doesn't look hip or sleek enough for you. But the one in the lower left is awesome. Hang onto that one, and all the mosaics, of course.
  14. Ooooohhh D...I don't know....I think they are all keepers!!
  15. Which goes best with your coloring??
    Which looks best with the most common way you tie scarves?? I am always surprised how different a scarf looks when it is folded and tied.