I'm in New York for the Weekend. Any Must See suggestions?

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  1. Hi,

    I'm in New York for the weekend and would love opinions and things that I must do and see while I'm here. I want to have a good time on a budget. I'm going to BLT Prime on saturday for dinner and the accessories trade show on sunday. Probably going to try to get discount tickets to a Broadway play. What is you favorite thing to do in New York?
  2. I used to just love walking around everywhere. What kinds of things interest you? Any plans for visits to musems, shopping?
  3. My bf and I are going to NYC in March and I can't wait to shop! We've been before but only for the day, this time we are getting a hotel. And I just got tickets to Conan O Brien yesterday :biggrin:

    I'm gonna start saving my money b/c I know I'll need to get a "souvineer" from LV!
  4. I like just walking around on 5th avenue just looking at people and browsing the stores.. There's nothing like NYC, I love it there so much.. :love: HAVE FUN!
  5. Statue of Liberty
    Ellis Island
    Coney Island
    Ground Zero
    Empire State Building
    Central Park Carriage Ride
    Visit to Time Square
    Trump Tower
    Fifth Avenue
    Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Carnegie Hall

    Saks 5th Avenue
    Bergdorf Goodman
    Henri Bendel
    (If not to shop, just look)
  6. Carriage ride through Central Park. Touristy, I know, but fun! Just bundle up! Also the Guggenheim, MOMA, Frick museums.
  7. I agree Pseub those things are fun! I would walk thru Bendel's and Bergdorf's quickly. Don't want to miss the tourist stuff! I love the view from the Empire State building, there are some things you just never tire of. Enjoy your visit and yes try to see a play.
  8. Ahh! If your in the city you MUST go into the Louis Vuitton Flagship store at 57th and 5th Ave. It always blows me away! :love:
  9. u should also stop by duty free apparel around the macy's 34th street area......they sell designer bags for less and they get a lot of publicity......they're guaranteed to be authentic.......and also stop by bouley for their lunch tasting menu.......