I'm in need of some sort of pochette...

  1. Now that I'm done with buying bags for a while, I've been thinking about getting some sort of small pochette to keep inside my speedy/use for going out. Here are the choices:

    -black MC pochette
    -Cerises pochette (used, obviously)
    -black MC wapity
    -Damier Trousse thing


    [​IMG]haha i couldn't find pictures of the other two...but im pretty sure ya'll know what they look like!

    I'm open to other suggestions!
  2. ^wow I really screwed that up, lol. sorry!
  3. I would get a Black MC Wapity since it's on your wishlist :smile:
  4. I like the Wapity.

    I think that Cerises/MC pochette are too "precious" to be kept inside another bag. Mono/Damier would be more appropriate for use as a "purseket" function.
  5. I love the Riveting pochette too or also the panda pochette. Otherwise, from what you suggested I'd go with the cerises.
  6. My favorites are the black MC pochette and the Cerises pochette, but I would be nervous about keeping those inside of a bag since they can get worn out in there. I would just use them as an evening bag and not to store accessories in a bag.

    If you want something to use for both inside the bag and as an evening bag, I would say go with the Damier, because it won't get as worn quickly as the others, and it still looks very elegant.
  7. Damier pochette!
  8. I totally agree :smile:
  9. I really like the T&B mini pochette. It's on my "to get" list. I think the gold chain dresses it up so that it can be worn casually or as an evening bag.
  10. damier or wapity.
  11. T & B mini pochette is cute....wait until the damier version comes out!
    That's adorable too !!
  12. Mini pochette!!