I'm in need of some crucial advise regarding signature wave tote

  1. Help :s I need some advise!

    My ex-bf gave me a gorgeous signature lunch wave tote for christmas of 06, he purchased the bag at the Coach outlet in Vacaville, CA that year, most of you may or may not remember this bag. I had put it away for a while to use my other bags. My new bf remembers my ex giving to me as a gift.( they use to be co-workers). So my dilemma is this, I love this bag so much, I don't want to sell it, do you guys think its right or wrong to still have it and want to still use it? should i tell my bf first that i still have it? :confused1:
  2. I don't think its wrong...It was a gift from an old boyfriend. I'm sure your new boyfriend has gifts from some of his ex girlfriends still.... Don't let it bother you!!! ENJOY YOUR BAG!!!
  3. Definitely keep it and use it! That would be just plain silly for him to worry about a thing like that. A diamond ring or something, maybe, but a purse...no way!
  4. im wondering if he would even remember the tote? hmm:shrugs:
  5. I would use it! Like you said he might not even remember it!
  6. Use the bag and don't give it a second thought. There's no grounds for ANY one to get upset...it was a gift given to you. Enjoy it!!!!!
  7. I doubt he'll remember. Guys are not good when it comes to that kind of stuff. I mean how insecure can a guy be about a bag?
  8. Keep it and enjoy it.. it's just a bag that you love, not something super personal. :tup:
  9. :yes: i agree. in my experience, guys tend to not remember that sort of stuff. i think you'll be ok. plus, it's not like it's jewelry. i think that's a little more personal than a handbag, just my opinion.
  10. thank you's for your advise!!:tup: i'll keep you all informed on whether he notice's or not, and if he does, knowing the great bf he is, he won't care:smile:
  11. If he does remember then tell him " I love Coach and purses more than I ever loved him, I can let him go, but not a COACH!
  12. ^ hehe that's a good one :lol:. anyway as grown up we are bound to have some history so no one should feel upset of the past, the present/ future is much more important!
  13. But honestly, if it ever really bothers him, you have to choose between him or the bag. I may love that bag, but do you love him more? Personally I would my boyfriend to carry something another girl gave him. But thats just me.
  14. its a handbag, its not like you're wearing your ex's ring.
    I say if you truly enjoy this bag use it.