I'm IN!! My first Chanel (sort of)

  1. I do have a bunch of Chanel sunnes :p

    I actually bought an east/west but found it too small for my needs so I upgraded to a Medium.
    And one of my dream bags: White Caviar with silver hardware courtesy of Personalshoppers ;)

    My 35th birthday is next month and I think this was retail therapy for the birthday blues...

    I've never seen perfection in a bag and now I totally understand why a flap is a STAPLE in any bag collection (DH begs to differ)
    Maybe I need to add a different color each year :graucho:

    But for now:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (doesn't quite match what I'm wearing today, but oh well)

    I have something else coming in a few weeks (Mother's Day) :jammin:
    And then I'm on a bag ban until the fall or December.
    Next on the list: Medium Modern Chain Flap in RED CAVIAR. A girl can dream right?
    Hopefully they'll have some in Heathrow when I pass through in the fall...then I can say it was meant to be.

    Thanks for letting me share!
  2. it looks great on you!
  3. Happy Birthday! Enjoy the bag-it looks great on you...
  4. Love the bag! Love the TR jeans too:p . Happy Birthday.:smile:
  5. woo hoo i love it
  6. Super bag, and it looks great on you! Enjoy and happy early b'day! :smile:
  7. Oohh great choice!! Loves it!! :nuts:
  8. I love the white caviar flap; the both of you look so happy together :smile:
  9. congrats and happy birthday. great bag.
  10. happy early birthday :balloon: and congrats on your first!:yahoo: beautiful choice!:love:
  11. LOVE it! That size looks PERFECT on you!!!! :yes: :heart:
  12. happy birthday! that bag is gorgeous, what a great birthday treat :biggrin: congrats!
  13. blessed b-day and love love love the bag
  14. Aaahhhhh! LOVE it!!! Looks great on you!! :love: I have one too and ADORE mine!! :heart:

    Congrats and happy birthday!! :yahoo: :party: :yahoo:
  15. It's stunning. Now I want one in white!!