Im In LVOE With THIS !!!!

  1. This is what Claire bought me for my last gift on the RAOK a DAMIER AZUR CLES !!! :nuts:

    Thankyou Claire !!!!!!!!!!


  2. wow that's really sweet of her!

    your vernis keepall looks amazing btw!
  3. How pretty! Love Azur!! (soooooo happy it's permanent!)
  4. Wow.. what a great gift! Love the keepall and the zany, retro background!! Cool!
  5. Wow it is beautiful.
  6. wow congrats, it's a great present! love it on your keepall!!!
  7. what a great gift! looks great on your vernis..congrats!!
    and I also love love love your background wall..very cool
  8. its beautiful! congrats! :yahoo:
  9. Thanks guys I really love it, and the mercer, well shes my baby :heart:
  10. Wow, that was extremely nice of her.

    I love the Damier line .... it is so classy.

    Congrats on the new LV beauty!
  11. great gift. it looks so good against the blue vernis.
  12. Congrats! beautiful gift!!!
  13. Congrats!
  14. OMG!!!! Love It!!!!!!Congrats!!!
  15. LOVE it!!! I've wanted one for awhile! it's beautiful!