I'm in lust:

  1. OOH that is soo pretty! I am loving the Bordeaux color for fall! The detail on that wallet is stunning!
  2. Nice CC slots!!!! That was my issue with my multifunction wallet. And I like the red sig in the middle stripe - cute!
  3. Ooh so pretty. How do you find all these great items?
  4. oh, i saw that! i like it much better than the last stripe one they did.
  5. I saw that one too, but I would rather put the extra $30 on and get the slim wallet in the same line. I was thinking about getting the all brown for my Carly.

  6. that's what I'm ordering tomorrow. I have been waiting for it to be available to order and now it is............yay!
  7. Me too... the other version wasn't anywhere as pretty as this one.
  8. I just did a search by "red."

    I have a Soho Wallet like this that I got at the outlet. But this baby will be mine!
  9. See for me, I need a smaller wallet, I don't have alot of credit cards (don't use them, paying off the ones I have) so this is perfect. I slip my Starbucks card in the slot in front, receipts in the section behind the zipper pocket and my store punch cards etc in the zipper portion.
  10. Wow. I was about to ask how you found this, because I do searches by color also. They must've updated the site. Thanks!
  11. Ok, I'm not in lust, I'm in LOVE :heart: :

  12. Thats an awesome fall colored bag.

  13. i don't like red but this is pretty!
  14. Pretty! :drool: