I'm In Lust

  1. For the Hamptons Limited Edition Patent Coin Purse in mahogany. I have the tote and the wristlet so this is a definite must for me. Oh yeah, and I need the mini skinny too :biggrin:

  2. I think the coin purse is adorable! I saw the mini skinny and although it's cute, I noticed it fingerprinted up pretty easily. If that type of thing doesn't bother you then go for it! It really is pretty! I think the coin purse wouldn't be so bad because you wouldn't handle it as much and you would use the kiss lock to open it. Wasn't there a white too? That would be a pretty combination with the mahogany too! Share pics when you can of all your new goodies!
  3. I think the emerald color is so pretty!
  4. Yeah, the wristlet does attract the fingerprints like crazy. At first it really bugged me but I dont notice it so much now. They are still there but I think it is such a beautiful color that I dont mind the fingerprints too bad. I just wipe them off each time I get my wristlet out :s Your right, the white would be gorgeous against the mahogany! The wristlet was a Christmas gift so I'll keep it but I may just have to add the white to the collection :yes:
  5. Yes, love love love the emerald. I am all about green!
  6. Cute, but not for me.
  7. I say GET IT :graucho: I ordered the red and emerald one and should be coming today. I'll post pictures once I get them. But definitely complete your mahogany collection.
  8. wow that is cute. but sure looks small.
  9. That's the one I want! And the "Want" has only been made worse from seeing all the posts of people's new coin purses! This forum is sooo bad for me (but in a good way) :graucho:
  10. I hear ya! I can't believe I am planning on spending $80 for a coin purse in which I will probably carry 80 cents!
  11. Yes but why didn't they make the blue? And why did they make the hardware brass? (Is the hardware on the mahgany tote brass or silver color - it's silver on the blue tote?)
  12. I was just thinking that the hardware won't match a lot of my bags.
  13. Yeah, ya know thats the one thing thats been bugging me. The hardware on the tote is silver. That was kinda corny for them to do that. Will that look totally retarded with my tote????
  14. I like metals to match but some folks can pull off the contrast.

    I think if you love it it will look fine.

    I've also started paying attention to stitching now too - since it's so prominent on many of the bags and things.
  15. A magenta color would be so awesome. :heart: