Im in Lurveeeeee

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  1. HI,

    Ive just started my obsession with Dior and omg I cant believe I missed out on the flower range! im so kicking myself :sad: :sad:

    Does anyone know where I can still maybe get my hands on the flower collection bags or maybe someone wants to sell theres.. I live in hope :smile: :love::love::love:


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  2. Ebay is your best bet hun, its an older line !:tup: Also just to let you know, selling and buying is not allowed on the Forum it gets you banned :sad:
  3. OOppss thanks natalie didnt know.. Il be keeping my eyes peeled on ebay :smile:
  4. That was certainly a beautiful line, wasn't it? It's called Dior Vintage Flowers. Good luck with sourcing one!
  5. HMMMM THATS WHAT IT WAS :upsidedown:

    i swear its been my favorite to date.;)
  6. Did you like the Dior Flowers line too? The black tone-on-tone rendition was stunning too:

  7. OMG yay! thank u so much nataliam!! I love it lets hope I win it
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