I'm in luck! DH likes the carly!

  1. we were at the mall tonight and of course i had him looking at the Coach dept. He says " keisha come here"....i walk over...he says " i really like this one" the carly- the larger style.
    So i guess that means when he sees one in the house it'll be ok. :graucho:

    (i hear you Kallison....not for a few months! i know i know!)
  2. How much longer is your ban? Aren't you going kerazy?? I am!!
  3. umm....until the house we are working on sales....i hope early feb.
    i see some much cute things i am going insane.
  4. Which Carly was is? I am trying to decide if i should take the one I got trimmed in saddle back and get the one trimmed in gold......or black, lol I want it all!!
  5. i liked the saddle trim the best
  6. haha! this makes me smile. if dh likes it, you're set. :yes:
  7. I agree! It's different.

    It's so nice when dh/so likes what you like! I was so much happier with my last 2 purchases since my dh was involved. Used to be I was hiding purchases under the bed then dragging them out a month later saying, "this old thing?" LOL! That definately makes it a pleasure when you finally break your ban!
  8. lol, while he was getting ready for bed i said " oh i think i might use my bag with the striped lining" (legacy sachtel):graucho:
    he says " why do you always have new purses"
    me:" honey i've had it, remember"

    lol, lucky for me he really likes coach (odd, i know)
  9. I'm surprised at my dh's reaction to Coach too actually! Coach is doing something right, appealing to women and their men! Go Coach! LOL!
  10. haha. "i've had it, remember"

    sounds like what i have to say to my mom...she's started to notice my room is being overrun by coach boxes...she's getting suspicious!
  11. ^^ That's hilarious, kallison! Love the Coach boxes but they really are a dead give away!
  12. ^^ i so know what you mean....i had my closet open and he started counting bags, asking about boxes, etc.
    i smiled like any good wife would and shut the closet!
  13. my closet is overflowing with coach boxes...i really should take a picture. it's bad.

    i told mom i was just using the boxes for storage of other things...but, uhm. yeah. no.
  14. LOL....So this is what I have to look forward with married life huh? I thought once I left my Mom I would be done lying about my bags. :wtf:

  15. Trash the boxes ASAP, lol