im in LOVEE....

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  1. i saw this this picture and i FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS BAGG:yahoo: :drool:
    im am not familiar with this line so can you ladies pleaseee help me...
    what is the name of this bag and how much is it and most important where can i buy it??? :graucho:

    thank youuu


    you can click on the photo to enlarge the image and get a better look
  2. i don't see a pic?
  3. sorry i added an attachment
  4. That's Fergie's Giant black Work!
  5. I beleive it is a black work with Giant Hardware. Retails for 1725 and you can get one at Neiman Marcus or Barneys. And Balenciaga NY of course. You can find more info on this on the Celebrity with their BBAGs sticky.

    Good luck!
  6. thank you =]]
  7. its gorgeous.

    Good luck if you are going for her