I'm in love...

  1. I NEED this bag. :wlae:

    Can anyone tell me the name of it? All I could find was this: ITEM CODE: burhan-eden-000-505B-checkbia

    It's definitely going on my wishlist!
  2. this looks like a bag i've seen in the recently in stores in Canada. have you tried the burberry stores and Neiman Marcus yet? :smile:
  3. I like it.
  4. I have seen it too, very cute!!!
  5. Pretty- the snaps on the sides remind me of Hermes.
  6. Still no luck finding out the name. I sent an email to the website, so hopefully they can tell me.
  7. cute :smile:
  8. Very cute!
  9. I have this bag. It's a great bag to use for work or casual.
    Got it in S'pore....
  10. I have this bag but with black patent trim & love it. I even thought about getting it in the white trim for summer. I will take a look at my bag to see if I can find out the name for you. I bought it in Canada.
  11. Very cute :heart:
  12. Any luck with finding the bag?
  13. love it!