1. Beautiful collection! Love all your Chanel and very cute dog. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Thank you!
  3. I am in love with your town, its such a gorgeous combo.

    Hahahaha I wonder if I can talk my BF into posing as a bag shelf. I love that pic!
  4. hahaha "bag shelf" I love it!!
  5. Updated family picture...waiting to add few more bals (city and towns) and PS1 soon!! Sorry for these iPhone pics but I'll upload a lot more tonight.

  6. What a great collection! In all the colors I love too. :smile:
  7. once again sorry for some blurry pictures. Forgot my slr camera at my boyfriend's house.. But without further adieu, these are my bags purchased between march 2011 till present time(picture heavy)
    IMG_2928.JPG IMG_2931.JPG IMG_2936.JPG IMG_2938.JPG IMG_2935.JPG IMG_2933.JPG
  8. Some individual pictures
    IMG_2934.JPG IMG_2892.JPG IMG_2894.JPG IMG_2895.JPG IMG_2898.JPG IMG_2901.JPG IMG_2908.JPG IMG_2917.JPG IMG_2919.JPG
  9. First picture is a family portrait of my bag collection previous to 3/2011 minus an LV damier duomo (which was stolen days before christmas 2010 :crybaby::pout: These were all from my dear grandma :smile:

    Second picture is my entire family portrait! Hope you all enjoy and leave some thoughts/comments!... PLUS i'm starting to get an itch to add for balenciagas (city and towns) and maybe purchase a PS1!
    IMG_2939.JPG IMG_2941.JPG
  10. Thank you do much
  11. very nice collection
  12. Love the all black Chanel. FIERCE
  13. Thank you! I'm trying to diversify my collection.. maybe add some bright spring time colors
    thank you!
  14. New addition to my showcase. She adds a POP of color to my rather neutral collection
    IMG_0890.JPG IMG_0892.JPG IMG_0894.JPG
  15. I'm not sure if I'm more impressed by your STUNNING collection, or that you have enough empty floor space to show them all.