I'm in Love!

  1. So the other day I ordered the Totally Turnlock Feridah in Mouse Grey and the Softy Faridah in Poppy and I was going to decide which one I liked when I received them. Well, they came today and I am in LOVE :love:!!! I opened the box and immediately knew that the Totall Turnlock Feridah was THE ONE!! It's so gorgeous, beautiful leather, beautiful color, perfect size and fit! It's just perfect! I also knew right away that the Softy Feridah in Poppy was not a keeper. I'm not a fan of the color and the strap isn't long enough. So that one is going back unfortunately but I have my new love and I can't wait to use it! For some reason, I can't download pics right now but I promise I will do it when I can! :yahoo:
  2. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Here's the pics! Sorry, it's been an off day and I was doing it wrong! Enjoy!!
  3. GORGEOUS!!! It's a fantastic bag! I just posted mine too (I got the same one)!! You have great taste in handbags!! Congrats!!:tup:
  4. Would you have pics of the Softy Faridah as well? I would love to see pics of that pretty pls? :yes: :flowers: Anyways, congrats on finding the perfect bag! :woohoo:
  5. So pretty! I'm the biggest fan of grey bags, now I NEED a bag in grey. ;) Thanks for enabling my wishlist to grow!
  6. I'm sorry, I already packed it back up to return it! Sorry:sad:
  7. Very nice! What color is the tan colored bag on the right? Did you buy both bags?
  8. That's the same bag. It just looks different in the different light.
  9. I am loving that Mouse Grey!:heart: Congrats, it looks great on you!!
  10. Oh, that's okay then. Hopefully they have one in Nordies tmw when I drop by. :smile:
  11. CONGRATS! The mouse grey:love: is very pretty and lady like.... now I need a grey color bag too :graucho:
  12. What a great bag!!! I love the mouse color. Congratulations!!