I'm in Love!

  1. I carried my new Ocean work today and I'm totally in love! It's such a great bag and the leather is so nice!

    It's supposed to rain here tomorrow, so I'll have to change bags, but I definatly will have to add another work to the collection soon!
  2. ohh i'm jealous..i have yet to own one bbag!! =)
  3. i looove my ocean, i'm glad you love yours too!! :yes:
  4. Ocean is such a pretty color!
  5. I have an ocean city (RH) and It really is the most amazing color of blue, isn't it? Congrats!
  6. ocean is a beautiful blue, love it too. even if i don't have one. i just got a 2005 teal work and i am in love with it. i carried my b bags under the rain a couple of times (not the heavy rain) and they don't fear the rain at all. i just wipe the drops off when i arrived home and the bag looked like it never was under the rain. i love b bags for this reason. they are not too fragile, practical and they don't fear the rain!
  7. ^^^I agree about the rain. I think leather is usually okay in the rain as long as it doesn't sit in it and soak for a long time. I have worn mine in the rain the past few days walking from the train station to my office and it looks fine afterwards. My bbag is actually my rain bag because my LVs get water stains from the rain.

    Oh and congratulations, it sounds like a beautiful bag!
  8. congrats, I love Ocean.
  9. I usually use my LVs when it rains. Now I've taken to carrying a plastic bag in my Bal bags in case it rains...

    Ocean is such a beautiful color, I love it! But I also love the bag, I'm glad i didn't get the weekender, it would be great for travel, but I'm usually hard on my bags when I travel, but it would be too big for a work bag... that being said, I'm also loving my new black day.