i'm in love . . .

  1. with the chocolate C's satchel

    I saw it in the store and it is delish. BUT it's cotton. worth the money? or is the leather one better?
  2. it is soooo nice but hate spending that much money on cotton. Of course it's probably pretty damn good cotton :smile:
  3. It's real purty! :yes:
    However, I do have a problem with Coach charging the same price for canvas/cotton as they do the leather bags, what's up with that?:confused1: :confused1:
  4. Beautiful!!!!!!!
  5. i know! my roommate is like: "it's not leather, so why do you want it?"
  6. ^-- well it has leather trim ..lol
  7. That's a beautiful bag, I like it, too.
  8. I like it too but I prefer the leather in that satchel.
  9. I love that bag, I think it's gorgeous!
  10. Gorgeous!!! :heart:
  11. It's very rich looking...but it is odd that it's the same price as the leather. Hmmm.
  12. Whats the retail? Is it $648? I love that bag! Absolutely LOVE IT!!!! I don't know if I could spend the money though and it not be leather. Nevermind, I looked it up, it's 598. I still love it!

    I had to look at the Denim Carly while on the Coach Sight. I'm loving it too!
  13. I love this purse but just can't justify $600 for canvas :sad:
  14. I think its beautiful, but like you all have said, it's too much money for cotton.
  15. I love that bag, too! I gazed at it on the website all morning. BUT, I can't swing that price right now. :crybaby: I may get the wristlet, though.