I'm in Love!!

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  1. Hi ladies i just had to tell everyone about my great deal i got today..I was at Nordstrom Rack shopping for shoes for my daughter when i figured i would take a fast look at the handbags...When i got there i seen a MJ Mulit-Pocket bag My eyes went :wtf:..And when i see the price of 349.97..I just wanted to fall on the floor..LOL And not to mention i work for Nordstrom so i get a 20% off..So i bought the bag for 279.00...What a deal i'm so happy i had to tell everyone.. Beause my husband doesn't care LOL.. But the bag is gorgous it's a pretty pinky purple color..Great for the summer..:yahoo:
  2. Sounds deelish! What a deal! Can't wait to see pics of you new baby!
  3. Ok so here is a pic of my new love and i looked at the tag and the color is called Berry!!
    So Pretty
  4. Absolutely beautiful, congrats!!
  5. I hate you :p totally kidding. You got an amazing deal. Berry rarely makes an appearance:supacool:
  6. OMG THAT is just GORGEOUS!! i LOVE the color!!!

    Wht a great deal!!!
  7. :yahoo: :yahoo: That is gorgeuos!!! I think you got the best deal ever!!!! Congrats!!
  8. Love that colour! What a steal......Congrats!!
  9. What a beautiful color!! Congratulations!
  10. I am not sure which has my tongue hanging on the floor more... the price you snatched this for or the TDF color!! Congrats!!!
  11. GORGEOUS!! I'm so jealous!!!
  12. OMG! I'm sooo jealous too! :yes:
    Why, why, why our NR is not like that...:smash:
  13. Wow! Was that mean to be!! Congratulations.
  14. stunning!!! the color is tdf
  15. Ok, 1) bag is gorgeous 2) which Nordstrom Rack 3) were there any more???