I'm in love!!

  1. I got my first B-Bag today!!! :yahoo:

    I have to admit that for quite sometime, I had not been a fan of B-bags and just didn't "get it". LOL.

    Well, last week I spotted a lilac city in a resale shop and went home to think about it. I called the next morning and it was gone. :crybaby:

    BUT, during all of my lurking about :graucho:, I've really liked the rich, jewel tone colors, especially the emerald. I've secretly been wanting an emerald B-Bag....

    Well today I found one!!!!!! :yahoo: I just happened to be at the right place and the right time! It's an '06 Emerald city. The color is amazing! I LOOOVE IT!!

    Plus, my cat loves it too! She loves all the tassels! :p
  2. CONGRATS!:yahoo: Please post pics!
  3. congratulations! Where did you find the emerald? my God you are a lucky one!
  4. yay! congrats

    Emerald is a beautiful color
  5. Where did you find an Emerald bag?!?!?!

    We need (love) photo's!
  6. :yahoo:

    I found it at Encore Resale here in NYC. I'm fortunate to be in a city where everyone carries designer goods and then gets rid of them!!!

    I just took some pics. Gonna upload them.

    I am still learning about B-bags. Are emerald cities hard to find?
  7. I had a brand new one I sold about 8 months ago that was pretty veiny and it took forever for it to sell. But now I hear SO many PFer's talking about how much they love this color...go figure. I can't wait to see pics of yours.
  8. Do you mind me asking how much it was?

    I can't wait for your photos. Congrats on a beautiful bag.
  9. I consider your bag to look more distressed than veiny. The one I sold looked dry.
  10. oooh so pretty!! congrats!! my cats love my bbag too ... more than any other bag I have :p
  11. Congrats! I would die if I stumbled into a b-bag at a resale shop. What fun!

    Are you planning your next one yet? :p
  12. Is distressed good, bad, or neither?
  13. Congrats :smile:
  14. I dunno...a weekender, maybe? :sneaky: