I'm In Love With This Bag...

  1. Hi guys! My officemate has this bag and I've been drooling over this bag of hers ever since before... Can you tell me more about this? When was it released? Retail price? Is it still available right now?? Can somebody post more photos of it? I really want this but still thinking whether to add this to my target wishlist after my purseban... :biggrin:
  2. Thanks! Do you guys know how much does it retails?! Just want to make sure that if I'm going to buy on eBay, it's not too overpriced...
  3. squirrels!:love:
  4. By the way, if you like denim, you can also get the gray denim squirrel spy that kneehighz has (middle of her signature pic). That one is only 1500 USD on sale on Jomashop.
  5. Look at us advertising and enabling...muhuahah!:devil:
  6. I think it retailed for around $3800 or thereabouts. I got mine for $1200 off eBay :tup:

    It didn't have the dustbag or auth card, but it is in perfect shape. It's beautiful.

    It's a few seasons old, but you might be able to get it from a Fendi boutique if you just call up and ask them if they have the velvet squirrel spy.
  7. LOL! I'm not much of a fan of denim bags.. But I love the blue one on the right. :sweatdrop:
  8. Thanks litigatrix! I'm hoping ebay... *crossfingers!* But if nothing showed up, i might try calling though. Thanks! :biggrin:
  9. Wow Litigratix, you got an awesome deal!! I paid $3318 for mine from Saks back in December 05. It is my favorite bag.
  10. Gorgeous bag!
  11. Wow! I didn't know that the retail of this bag is soo pricey already...
  12. MMM, I really love the squirrel spys!
  13. iqaganda - you have great taste! this squirrel spy is soooo gorgeous. i once saw it in the paris fendi boutique. man oh man did i want it bad! but yes, it's $$$.
  14. ^LOL! Yeah... I always look at my officemate's handbag.. she has this one.. And I love it!! It matches soo much with anything actually... I can see that on her. Whether she's wearing jeans nor business attire nor casual.. I saw one on ebay right now.. But gosh.. the price is $5000!! LOL!