Im In Love With This Bag!

  1. :heart: I saw the Damier Geant Loup bag in brown in Aruba..Anyone have it?I ADORE IT!!!!!!I may have to buy it this week..LOL......LMK!Its a messenger style bag with clips on the front:love:
  2. i have it !!! and loving it!! i have the noir tho.
    I think I gotta make an LV call in the AM...LOL
  4. does anyone have pics?? i am super curious!
  5. me too-i want to see pics!!!!!
  6. It's a cute bag... I kinda want it.

    Here's are pics of the Loup:


  7. It's cute, very practical ! :yes:
  8. JOHN-
    ^AWE!Thanks for the pics......You are so sweet to post for me!
    Im gonna lose sleep till I get this bag..ROFL
  9. nooo :sad: I didn't see it yet, but I want to!
  10. here's pic with me modeling it :smile: i took it a while ago when i got it.
    and some detail shots enjoy!!
    DSC01718.JPG DSC01702.JPG DSC01704.JPG DSC01701.JPG
  11. ^ I like the darker color
  12. Looks great on ya, Npanitch!!! It makes me wanna get one now!
  13. I have the Noir and I love it. I hesitate on messengers because the flap can be a hassle to get in an out of all the time, but the Damier Geant has a secure zippered back pocket that is big enough for the essentials (wallet, keys, phone). I wear it when we are sighseeing and the strap width and its super lightweight makes carrying extras still feel comfortable. I highly recommend this bag!
  14. ooh i love it in black
  15. My friend bought one in black from Sweden. It´s a beautiful bag.