I'm in love with these 2 bags!!!

  1. i love tese two bags, but too bad i can't afford it...SUCKS...
    1208303159_e6070ac56d.jpg LP2.JPG
  2. I know what you mean. Don't you HATE having a budget?? The only thing I can say is..
    save save save, and BEG BEG BEG. :yes:
  3. [​IMG]

    Yeah, they are fabulous esp the flap bags (THE RED IS REALLY RARE), the cambon line is discontinued, you probably have to start save the money, shld one pops up on eBay, you can start bidding or buyin it, GL:love:
  4. yeah.. i think that's what i'm gonna do...save save.. i love those bag...i have a Saks card that i haven't used for a while (since 2005) i don't own anything, but i don't know, i'm in school now and i live on my own (rent, car, utility bills, loans for schools) mannnn...save save i guess hahah...
  5. The Cambon Ligne is not discontinued. . . common misperception.
    Black/patent black and beige/patent beige is still available.
  6. The red is lovely!
    I would definately hang on for the bag you want, Chanel is worth the wait!
  7. Love the flap! Let us know which one you decide to get.
  8. The flap bag would be m choice because it's definitely a classic. Good luck with your decision, I know it's a tough one :hysteric:
  9. Sucks don't it!
  10. But if it's what you want to save up for, then enjoy the hunt! Save up and wear it with pride :biggrin:
  11. Yes, imagine how special it will be when the time comes you can actually go get it!

    Welcome to the Chanel forums too :smile:
  12. I completely agree, but the day I save enough to buy my first Chanel [plenty of time for me, I'm only 15 :biggrin:] will be a very special day.

    I want either a GST or a Cambon tote...glad to know it's not disc. yet!
  13. i got a new username...thanks for your comments....and all of you are right i'm gonna start SAVing and when i buy it and gonna wear it with pride......:yahoo:...thanks
  14. ummm, I'll need to ban your new user name. . . that's not allowed:nogood:
  15. yea start saving... it's a classic bag and good investment item. should you not like it later, you can always sell it for a reasonable price on eBay!!! a chanel is a must have in any bag collection ;)