I'm in love with the Day...would I be happy with the Courier?

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  1. I have no opportunity to try on a Bal bag but have been poring over the photos instead. I've never seen a Day I didn't like. I know that the Courier is wider, but in some modeling pics seems to hang similarly to the Day.

    Are the two very similar, or very different?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I think you would like a besace more personally. It's closer to the day - just a messanger style (and flat).
  3. I own both, three day and one courier and they´re very diferent styles..you should go to any bal store and see how they look on you to take a desicion I think...
  4. The Day is my favorite style of Bal.... if you love the look of it, you will probably love wearing it! It's so comfortable and fits perfectly on the shoulder. What color are you after?
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    No one in my state sells Balenciaga. :sad:

    Color? Hard to narrow it down. Right now I'm eyeing the black cherry. Based on the photos I also love eggplant, charbon, lilac, chocolate...
  6. The black cherry day is one of my DREAM bags. It's beautiful.

    This is going to sound really silly but something I do sometimes when I want to visualize what a bag might look like on me is I take the measurements and cut out the same shape but using construction paper or whatever I have hanging around. You can hold it up against your frame and get a sense of the size and shape somewhat. I don't do this often but sometimes I get really bored and like to picture it!
  7. ^^ that is such a smart idea!! then you get a TRUE sense of what the bag will look like, or at least the size of it.

    the courier is way different then the day IMO. it is very large, like 3 days wide almost. it's too broad to carry it as a shoulder bag, i think it needs to be carried courier style. and stuff can get really lost in there!

    you might want to look at brief (shoulder bag like day bag) or even the PT. the PT is different then the day, but you can carry it over the shoulder or courier style if you want. i think these two styles are more user friendly unless you're carrying a load around every day.

    good luck in your decision!!
  8. Thank you! That is exactly what I needed to know. Since I can't see them in person it's sometimes hard to know what I'm looking at. The idea of cutting out paper is a good one.

    I will check out the bags suggested as well.
  9. Totally different. I adore the Day, but could never wear a Courier. I like the suggestion of trying the Besace or the Hobo too.
  10. I used to have 2 Days, an RH & a GH & used them a whole lot for months. I love how it sits close to the body when carried & how comfy it is on shoulders but the GH ones esp early in the morning when I load up my bag to work tends to scrape into my shoulders or so I imagine coz of the single strap. That said, I would still want a Day some day soon. I recently received my Courier & it is HUGE. I am not a cross bodied bag person but I am strangely liking the Courier. I don't load it up & save for the fact of new stiff leather, I still love how it envelops me as I sling it on. I can only imagine it would get yummier when all that leather totally breaks in. HTHs!
  11. I personally prefer the style of the Day.
  12. This is me with my 08 Marine courier. It´s a stunning Bbag design/style but larger....love it.. I recomend that if you´re not tall you may feel more confortable with the day, good luck!:smile:

  13. you look hot with your marine courier aalinne. i love the outfit too.
    i love the courier for travelling, bought a day last march and sold it three months later. somehow the day style didn't look right on me. i prefer the courier but many girls look great with the day style.
  14. Thank you for the photo! I think a Day will be better suited to me.
  15. OMG U look so very good with Your bag and Your complete outfit.
    Specialy love Your boots.

    Hugs FX from Holland:heart::yahoo::heart: