1. wow! i just ordered a quilted leather bowler in black from bloomingdales with 40% discount and ended paying 439.94!!!!!!!originally 1025.00
    The only bummer is its on backorder til 10/30/06. Oh well, I've been eying this bag for a while and just love the quilted liik.
    Any comments on the baG?
  2. What a deal, congrats! Hope it will come soon.
    I like Bowler very much.
  3. Congrats! I just bought my first quilted bowler last week, I love it!
  4. Great deal, too bad it's sucha long wait. Congrats!
  5. Have to post again, this is an incredible deal for a Black bag (it's still full-price at many shops). Gosh, can't beat the extra 40%! I'm so glad you were able to get an authentic one at this price -- there are lots of faked Bowlers on ebay & ioffer.
  6. LABAG: Congratulations on getting the bag! Sorry for the wait...it will be worth it cause you can carry your baby year-round.

    i love patent quilted look too!!!! So much so that even with my v. limited budget, i waited til i found an awesome deal. I got my small red lobster just a few weeks ago after about 5 months of waiting for a deal. i honestly never thought i can own one. now if i can wait that long, you can wait. ;)
    i just havent used it yet cause it's still boiling here in the South....and also it's my only "cold season" bag as my other 2 mjs are all pale pastel colored.

    On the flipside, i did see an imitation of the bowler at Wet Seal last week. it came in red or blue shiney pvc w/contrasting white stitching. However the shape was more rectangular than mj. I went back home to re-check my bag, i noticed that MJ did put effort in making this bag a true bowler shape by gradually tapering the sides of the width of the bag from the base to where the zipper is. Little details like that along with the feel and distressed quality of the leather make it really stand out to me. :smile: i think the distressed quality tones down the patent and not scream super-shiney!
  7. madie: I totally agree about the care put into the bowler shape as well as the distressed patent toning it down a bit. I've seen the PVC knockoffs and they're really garish. One would think that the real thing would be, too, but it's not because of the wrinkles. It softens the way light bounces off of it. Plus, I just love how squishy and smooshy it is.
  8. ^ ITA. The softness and distressed texture of the patent leather differentiate the authentic from the faked MJ Ursula styles on ebay/ioffer. =) You can spot the fakes right away (smooth & plastic looking).
  9. Just ordered one too! LOVE it!
  10. ahh, kezza, which color and size bowler do you own? :smile:
  11. have you received your email confirmation yet? i had computer difficulties and wasnt able to print my order page. i havent yet received my email confirmation. how long should this take? i am worried that my order might not have gone through. :sos:
  12. Large Moss green. :love: :tender:
    Jealous of your lobster, though. I love a hot red bag!
  13. :yahoo: Congrats!!

    What an awesome deal! Good luck with the wait...before you know it, the bowler will be there.
  14. bumblehoney - I haven't received an email confirmation yet either and it has been a few hours at least on one order (made two). If you checked out through "My Account" you should be able to see your order there. I'm worried about them being out of stock too.... good luck! :flowers:
  15. Hey guys. I ordered one, too. Luckily, I ordered mine and THEN posted the 40% off deal. ;) I basically ordered it as soon as I received the email, so hopefully I will get one. We'll all have to post pics when we get them. I am so excited!