I'm in love with my new WTM midi in black glossy

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  1. Ladies, this is a winner. I think I even like this bag more than my Love Me which I thought would be impossible. This bag is so versatile, being able to wear it on your arm, shoulder, or messenger style. And the black glossy really gives it a more formal edge so I think I can take it out at night if I wanted to. It definitely fits less than the LM but about the same as the TME midi. I think that's why it would be a great everyday bag- it fits what I need but I don't feel compelled to overstuff. That being said, I now want a regular size WTM for times when I have to lug more.:graucho: The black glossy leather was a little stiff when I first got it; we'll see how it softens up with use. I think this edges out the Hug Me as my favorite style, but then again I am a bit fickle.

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  2. Congratulations - I have one of these and its my favourite ever bag and I dont usually like black bags!! Trying to coordinate one in wine pebbled glossy!!
  3. It looks lovely!!:yes: Very nice indeed - the black pebbled glossy does give it an edge, but in a very wearable way. Good choice and enjoy wearing her!:tup:
  4. It's very pretty! So glad to hear you love this style!
  5. I love this style too! It amazingly fits a lot!
  6. I think I might like my WTM and much as my LM's. You made a very good choice. Glad you are enjoying it.
  7. Love this bag! Congrats. It won't take long for the black glossy leather to soften.
  8. I have this exact bag on it's way to me. I cannot wait as I really think this is THE perfect black bag!!!

    Looks beautiful Clu! Thanks for sharing!!!
  9. Beautiful bag...thanks for the great pics!
  10. I am also looking for the perfect black bag. This looks so gorgeous. I love the WTM style. Might just have to order this one next...:yes:

    Thanks for the pics!
  11. Many congrats with your bag! Yes, isn't it just a great style??!

    I like this size for the same reasons you describe, when it is not neccesary to carry a lot with you. So I can understand, why you want also a larger size.
  12. i am confessing to buying one of these for a bargain price on eBay and it is simply beautiful! i think the midi WTM is so comfortable to wear, esp if you are petite. In black, it has a really cool biker chic edge to it. It's a wonderful size for everyday and of course, everyone knows how much i love this black leather!!! It is so soft to wear against your body and it has a lovely drape. I think Belenistas definately need both sizes of this bag.
  13. So I tried wearing it messenger style yesterday as I was walking around downtown Seattle and I love it! It feel really chic yet it was comfortable and left my hands free to shop and browse in stores. I think because it's more of a flat, thin bag, it hugs the body nicely so you're not knocking anything over when you are navigating tight ailes. My favorite way to hold it is still with the shoulder strap, but this bag has now become my favorite style from BE.