I'm in love with my carly

  1. i got a medium carly in khaki and chocolate. i got a khaki and chocolate turnlock wallet too. and the pink signature picture frame fob. i have sunglass on the way. I AM SO IN LOVE! i talk to my purse, and baby her all the time. my son calls her carly, because he has heard me call her that, it's too cute. my husband thinks that i have totally lost it, but i don't care. im so happy to have her on my arm. she makes me smile :]]
    :love: i love you carly :love: lol
  2. Congrats! You'll have to post a pic. And don't worry, many of us here are a little off the deep end with our bags.
  3. Yay!!! I am so happy for you! I can't wait to see your pictures! Congrats
  4. I have the med all choc Carly and feel the same way about her!! Congrats on your new LOVE!!
  5. I got the exact same Carly for Christmas from my DH! I'm a small bag gal so I was really worried she'd be too big but that's not the case! The measurements are deceiving because they don't take into consideration the "slouch". I LOVE mine!
  6. please post pictures ! You must be so excited. DH thinks my purse obsession is crazy too ! He calls Ali my "other daughter" lol
  7. I am in love with mine too!!
  8. Can't wait to see the pics! I love the Carly but I still don't have one. I still don't know what color I would want. Maybe your pics will sway me to a khaki/brown. hmmm
  9. Congrats~! Its so wonderful when you finally find a bag you absolutely LOVE:heart: Post pics when you get a chance. :yes:
  10. Congrats! :tup: The Carly is a great bag, I love mine!!! :tup: Be sure and post pics and modeling pics so we can all drool!!! :drool: :tup: Oh, and my hubby and kids all call my bags by their correct names too!!! :p
  11. i will take some pics asap...i have pnuemonia and i have been over doing lately and my chest is all tight again. so she was a get better gift from the DH...and i have to find the camera...lol
  12. welcome to the carly club! i spent all last summer hatin on this bag and finally got one in nov when i realized the medium is actually the perfect bag for me! enjoy ur new bag
  13. Ooh great bag and nice DH! Please dont overdo it - feel better soon!
  14. Glad you love it! I love mine, too. She's perfect :smile:
  15. Congrats... Carly was my first love (my first coach) and you never forget your first love.