I'm in love with my Amarante Inclusion!!

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  1. This colour is so vampish!! Really dark and the photos do not do it justice. This is the Amarante Bracelet PM. They have only one in Melbourne so far. I'm waiting for my ring to arrive in my size.


  2. Gorgeous piece, the amarante is so luxurious
  3. ooo I bet its stunning in person!!!!
  4. Congrats! How lucky to get the last one in Melbourne.
  5. Congrats!
  6. [​IMG]
  7. WOW that is STUNNING:yahoo:LOVE the colour:heart:
  8. Thanks guys, it's really divine. :heart:

    It's actually the first, not the last. ;)
  9. ooh congrats!! i have been waiting for someone to post pics of an amarante inclusion item. I was going to head down to the boutique this morning but my SA wasnt working, i cant wait to check out the inclusions IRL. Is this one the 'small' sized PM?
  10. This is the Medium size, do check it out at Collins St! I believe they might have another one of the PM bracelet. I fit into both the small and med but this is the same size as my transparent and I want to stack them and keep them even. And they have one amarante ring in size 53. I'm waiting for the size 56 so it fits on my middle finger. Soooo in love!
  11. This is beautiful. Congrats =) Do you know if it will be coming in GM?
  12. OHHH~its stunning!!!:nuts::heart:Congrats!!!!!
  13. Wow it's gorgeous! I love the colour very much.
  14. Congrats! I love this colour.
  15. Congrats to you! Don't you just Love the color! Wow!