I'm in Love with IF

  1. I never thought I'd love a bag so much. It's just awesome. Soft luscious leather, comfortable shoulder strap, roomy yet not sloppy looking. This is an Isabella Fiore Flashback Leather Hobo. Has a faint goldish sheen to the leather. I just got it from a wonderful Ebay seller. I will be anticipating another IF purchase soon. Does anyone else have one? How do you like them? Do they wear well?

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  2. OMG that is so beautiful!!! I just love it. Congrats, I want one!!
  3. I like that, too. I have heard really good things about IF regarding quality and versatility.
  4. Oh yeah, Isabella Fiore bags are awesome! I love yours! I had that HUGE Corina Hobo. Same color as your bag. It was gorgeous but just a little too big for me. I saw it and just had to have it, though. The only other IF bag I have is a crochet Corina with round wooden handles. I love that bag. As far as quality, IF holds up just as good, if not better, than other bags.

    Enjoy yours and when your get your other bag, please post a picture!
  5. this is similar to the IF Audra but very nice nonetheless
  6. Ooops, sorry. This is the Audra, just in flashback. I forgot to add the style name in my first post. No wonder it looks similar :smile:

    I want to get maybe the Studded Tote or Woven Tote. Not sure yet. My plans were for another Kooba but I decided to go with an IF instead because I'm so very impressed.
  7. Beautiful. I love the look of these bags. I wish I could see one in person. Might just break down and have to order one day. Hobo styles are my fave.
  8. Beautiful bag. Congrats!!!
  9. Our Mod Amanda has one and loves it too! LOVE this bag!
  10. Lexie-any chance you can take pictures w/ it on? Curious about how it looks on and the slouchiness. Love it!
  11. well no wonder I love this bag :love: . I haven't seen the flashback though.
  12. I have the original, old audra and I love it.
  13. wow it looks so pretty!!! i love it! congrats!
  14. i have the original audra too and love, love, love it! :love:
  15. Congrats Lexie, that is a very chic bag!

    OT - hfxshopgirl, I love your avatar. The bumblebee outfit is adorable. :smile: