I'm in love with Gucci's new crystal bag.

  1. I went into Boston's Gucci today to check out their new fall collection, and there's one bag in particular that's absolutely gorgeous. It's shaped like louis vuitton's Papillon 30 and is adorned with a cute little gold bow. It's adorable :yes:

    Retail price: $850
  2. Haven't seen it but have to say I was never a fan of the papillion!
  3. is it in the GG fabric but plastic coated?? I actually thought of getting a bag in the biba style like that cuz I figured it would be easy maintenance but I hated the matching wallet (so ugly) and I was pretty sure that DH would not have liked the bag at all!!
  4. not really a big fan
  5. i think its cute, but there some other styles that fit me better.
  6. i saw this bag in selfridges (london) it's really nice and it was in the mongram version but had this film laminted ontop of it.
  7. I dont have it. Kinda cute! Love the LV pap. Was one of my first LVs.
  8. Its Cute! But i wouldn't buy it.
  9. cinnamon, since you like the Britt collection, you should look into the limited edition exclusives that NM has in the Britt collection in gold guccissima leather. They're amazing
  10. Steph, yes, I saw a picture in another thread, just gorgeous!! The question is how to pull it off. I dress far to conservative I think... :p
  11. It sounds very nice.
  12. Well, you could purchase a wallet instead or maybe even a belt?