I'm in love...with Chanel <3

  1. I have always been obsessed with LV for years. However, I just purchased my 1st Chanel bag yesterday.:sweatdrop: It was one of the best shopping experience ever! The SA was so nice to me. Gave me inputs about which bags she think suits me. Told me about the price increase which might even come before Nov. 1st (but who knows). Asked me for my phone number so she can call me about upcoming events, when new items it out, etc. Basically, she was so nice to me even though I told her this was my first Chanel bag.

    I don't know why I made this transition but i'm happy about my decision.
    OMG! I just can't stop staring at the bag. LOL:yahoo:
  2. Post pics of your new bag!! Can't wait to see, congrats on your new Chanel. WHich store did you go to?
  3. So, whats your first chanel??Am curious pls post pictures.
  4. I'm glad you had a great first experience-I'd love to see pics of your new bag!
  5. Let's see the bag :nuts:

    Glad your experience was a good one!
  6. pics......:popcorn:
  7. congrats on the new bag and the great shopping experience! please share pics, and also, i'd LOVE to know which store you visited and who that great SA was!
  8. Karrey,
    I bought the black GST with silver hardware but before that, I had a hard time debating the Gst or one of the diamond stitch.
  9. nightshade,

    Her name is Katherine. She works in Neiman Marcus in Palo Alto (Standford Shopping Center). Let me know if you want her phone number.
  10. Btw, I will post the pictures tomorrow. :smile: