i'm in love with Botiker

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  1. ...i love the sloane in white. does anyone have it? :love:
  2. whoops...spelled it wrong...i meant Botkier! geez :smile:
  3. I have the Clyde. This season, I am digging the Bombay tote.
  4. I only have the Trigger. It's an OK purse for me. I might get rid of it.
  5. I have the clyde too, the leather is soo lovely, and the bag is so cute.

    I like the baby bombay, I want it!
  6. I have the stirrup. I'm still getting used to carrying such a big bag, but it's well made and unique. Addicted, why are you getting rid of the Trigger??
  7. I got the trigger but was sooo dissapointed with the peppled leather, I thought it would be supple and soft but its hard to break in and im thinking I hate pebbled leather now :sad:
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