I'm in love with a new bag...

  1. the Tulum PM...and one day it will be mine! :drool: I tried it on today...and will be thinking about for the rest of the night. LOL.

    In the meantime my Mom is going to let me borrow her Tikal PM.
  2. Hope you can get your new bag soon:love: And that's really nice of your mum.;)
  3. trust me--it's worth the wait! i just got my tulum pm about 2 months ago. i love it!!!!
  4. Lol, please try to get some sleep! The bag will arrive eventually. :biggrin:
  5. I'm in the same situation as you :yes:
    I tried Tulum PM yesterday :drool:and want it to be mine now :shame:
  6. Were you at the SF LV w/ your boyfriend?