I'm in love with a crackhead--Blaaaake!


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Aug 2, 2007
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She looks soooooo bad....especially from how she used to look.

Wino Is The Ultimate Heroine

Amy Wino was voted the "Ultimate Heroine" in a new poll of people under 25 conducted by Sky.com. Perhaps these kids have no idea what a heroine is. They think "heroine" means a super heroin user or something. Pete Doherty was also voted the second most popular hero, behind footballer Stephen Gerrard. Yup, they definitely think it has something to do with heroin.
Wino even placed above Princess Diana. A psychologist told NME that Wino topped the poll because she "seems to portray a certain sense of vulnerability or having had to fight against some adversity in their lives." Um...no..she seems to portray a crackhead. Straight up.
In other Wino news, she headbutted a dude outside of a bar last night. Awesome! A friend said Wino was aruging with some dude when she “got upset and lashed out, headbutting a guy hard in the face and also punched him." Her friends quickly rushed her back inside the bar. She came out later only to bump into a lamppost.
Has anyone checked Wino's pulse lately? I don't think the chick is alive. Seriously.


May 7, 2006
Geez...what a trainwreck. Love how the paper she is carrying says 'Head Case'...is it her on the cover? LOL


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Jul 3, 2006

She reminds me of one of those poor chimps that have to wear children's clothes and perform in seedy circuses.


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Sep 9, 2007
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I don't understand how you can be that UGLeeee, and be famous. Yes she has a nice voice, sort of, not my taste, but I will give her that. How is she famous and I'm not? Ok how about this one: With that face, shes famous, and she pisses it all away? WTF?