I'm In Love With A $4000 Coach Bag! Am I Wrong ?

  1. When krispin41 posted this catalog page,I fell in love with this purse! I'M A FAN OF CROC & GATOR LEATHER !!

    I just recieved my catalog today & I think they call this bag the "limited edition python carly bag " and it cost $4000.00 !


    Am I reading this wrong ? I'm still kinda new & inexperienced.

    thanks in advance,
    Cha Cha
  2. I am falling for the pond satchel in the background!
  3. No your right. The bag is $4,000.00 because it is genuine python.
    I love the shoes she's wearing.
  4. I don't think it's wrong, I love that bag too, but would have to get via other routes because python can't be sold in CA. With that said though, there are a few LVs and Chloe bags I would get first before that bag.
  5. me too!!! :heart:
  6. oh, and about the python carly...personally, i'm not a fan of python (it creeps me out).

    but 4k for coach?! if i really loved the bag, maybe it could be justifiable...but there are other bags that would be WAY ahead of this one for that price.
  7. It is a nice bag.
  8. It's a very nice bag, but think of all you could buy for 4k.

  9. I don't really care for the python either. But I love the style of the bag, I think I'd go for it in leather and save a bundle!
  10. Its not wrong! And you are in the right place! Obsess away darlin'!

    I wouldn't spend more than 1g on a coach, and it has got to be HELLA special and I MUST not be able to live with out it!

    Otherwise, i have a long wishlist for what i would do with 4g. Namely LV, Hermes and shoes galore.
  11. mee three for the pond satchel!:love:
  12. Thanks for all the feedback !

    Is this python considered to be a leather material ? i wonder if any coach stores in austin texas will have one in stock ?

    poor little snakey !!! lol !!!

    Thanks in advance ,
    Cha Cha
  13. late to the party . . . but jumping on the bandwagon - that color is GORGEOUS :drool: !
  14. Me too! Why haven't I gotten my catalog yet?!?!? I hate moving!!
  15. [​IMG]